HR Management System

Role: UX UI Designer and Product Designer

Freelance UI/UX Designer Case Study


Redesigned SaaS platform to simplify the hiring process.

Equifax HR Solutions is an industry leading SaaS based HR management platform in Australia & New Zealand, offering flexible systems, expertise, data and processes to organisations managing people and people managing their careers. In an executive decision Equifax decided to give a complete overhaul to the system in order to increase user love for the product while helping to drive sales and user experience. I was engaged as a freelance UX UI Designer to create an engaging user experience design for the application.
Freelance UI/UX Designer Case Study

User experience strategy from the user's perspective

It's crucial to comprehend users' needs to develop a digital product that people will enjoy using. Collaborated with the client to know user pain points and expectations. We conducted user research to understand the pain points, needs, and performed heuristics audit on existing platforms. We used a combination of interviews, surveys, and user testing to gather insights.

Based on our research, we identified the following key user needs:

Enterprise Design Process

User Experience (UX)

Persona Building

User interviews

Heuristic Evalution

User Jorney Mapping

Information Architecture


User Interface Design (UI)

Hi-fidelity Mockups

UI Components

Hi-fidelity Mockups

Visual Design

Style Guide


Creating the initial user experience (UX) design

Our main objective was to deliver an engaging user experience. To achieve this, I produced multiple wireframes for all screens to ensure clarity on the layout and functionality before proceeding with the design. Wireframing enabled us to streamline complex user flows and experiment with different layouts. Prototyping was instrumental in refining and establishing the information architecture and user interaction flow.

Designed a user interface that was simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The design focused on Clarity, Consistency, User-centered, Visual hierarchy

The user interface was designed to be clear and easy to understand. We used clear and concise language, icons, and colors to guide the user through the application.

We ensured that the application was consistent across all screens and modules. This helped to reduce cognitive load and increase efficiency.

The design was based on user needs and behaviors. We made sure that the application was user-friendly and met the needs of the target users.

Visual hierarchy
We used visual hierarchy to highlight important information and guide the user's attention to the most relevant parts of the application.

Responsive Web Design

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