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Role: UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, User Interface Design, Web Design

Zoho Site24x7


Website & Application Peformance Monitoring service

Site24x7 is a web infrastructure monitoring service that helps monitor the uptime and performance of websites, online applications and servers. I was the key member involved in revamping and giving a face-lift to the Site24x7 product user interface design. My sole intent was to make this application simple, accessible and robust in the cloud environment. I worked closely with the product manager to define the products' features and user experience, and also with the development team before the site's launch


Before Site24x7 came to my crafting, the old application had accumulated a lot of unused features and hence lacked flair and it complicated the usability. Besides, the application had a lot of tabular data, and it was not visually appealing. After conducting a fundamental research and interviews with the stakeholders, we made a list of improvements. I started with wireframes to design the UI flow and structure and primarily focused on transforming tabular data into graphical representations.

Pixel Perfecting

After designing the wireframes, I worked on styling the user interface. I designed the interface scalable for future, and for it to be simple, elegant and easy-to-use. To draw user’s attention, I opted for a mix of warm and bold colour palette.
Web Application DesignApp Design


As a result of the redesign, the conversion rate increased by 70% and significantly reduced customer support. Key Findings: -The redesign made it easier for visitors to navigate the features and reports. It provided better visibility about their monitoring and the accompanying details.

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