Promotional Video

Role: Direction, Concept, Storyboard


As I mentioned earlier, Dream Consultancy has undergone a brand makeover with a new identity, look and a new website. As part of the makeover, we decided to create a short video about Dream Consultancy. I was responsible to make the video. I was so excited as this was my first attempt at making a video. At first, I came up with a mundane idea which failed to fly; I then went back to the drawing board and came up with a solid concept/theme (Process, People & Culture at Dream Consultancy) and storyboard of the video.

Pre-production, Production and Post-production

After careful planning, budgeting and casting, we moved onto shooting the video. We hired cameraman and editor Ken for this project. The biggest challenge for me, as a director of the video, was getting the right expressions from my team.  Due to time and budget constraints, I made myself clear that too many re-takes are not an option. As a result, we completed the shooting in 8 hrs. and took another 8 hrs. for post-production for this 70 sec video. This video wouldn’t be possible without the support of my fellow Dream Consultancy mates. The entire video was shot at the Dream’s Melbourne office.

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